Be Ready.

KGW’s Keeping You Safe Campaign is about empowering you to be resilient in the face of disasters of all kinds by taking individual and family preparedness actions now; having a plan in place for when emergencies occur; and being informed of the risks you may face so you can be ready for anything.

News Stories

Building Your
Emergency Kit

September 4, 2017

Keeping You and
Your Neighbors Safe

September 12, 2017

Acting Quickly Key
to Escaping House Fires

September 19, 2017

Keeping You Safe
in an Earthquake

September 29, 2017


1 Gallon Per Person, Per Day

two weeks

Have Water for Two Weeks

14 gallons

14 Gallons Per Person

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smoke detector

Have smoke alarms that work

house escape plan

Know two ways out and where your family will meet

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Drop to the ground

first aid

Take cover under a sturdy desk or table


Hold on

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Make a list of your medications


Keep it with your ID and insurance card

emergency room route

Know where your nearest ER is located

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Make a plan

first aid

Join a community response team


Get trained

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Build a 6 month emergency fund

first aid

Keep a small amount of cash at home


Collect important documents

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furnace and rags

Keep combustibles like paint cans and rags away from your furnace.

water heater

Secure your water heater.

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Start a conversation about how you can help each other in an emergency.

neighborhood illustration

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text message

Don't call, but text


Update your social media accounts


Send an email

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Inside and outside every sleeping area

two story house

Every level of your home


Test once a month

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