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We think of disasters as big things like earthquakes or fires, but for many of us an unplanned medical expense, car repair, or broken appliance can turn into a financial disaster.

Tips for disasters and financial emergencies

Build emergency fund for six months living expenses (including small denomination cash on hand that will meet your spending needs for a few days in case of a disaster)
Plan for routine costs/maintenance (like new tires) so you're less likely to be caught unaware or stranded in bad weather
Perform periodic insurance audit to make sure you have enough of the right kinds of insurance. Keep in mind health, property, and vehicle needs.
Collect and keep safe financial documents like titles/deeds, insurance policies, tax documents, proof of identification--this helps the recovery process move more quickly
In case cell phone services are down: know where your closest Credit Union branch is located and write down important phone numbers
iQ Credit Union has several High School Campus Branches with ATMs in spaces where aid is typically provided (Clark County only)

Bonus Tips

  • Keep enough cash on hand to cover your family's immediate needs for several days
  • Download mobile apps for your financial institutions so can easily access services or pay bills online
  • Direct deposit can ensure you get paid or receive your federal benefits even if mail delivery is interrupted
  • Consider a credit card set aside only for disasters
  • Beware of phishing email scams following disasters
  • Keep important documents safe, including proof of ID for everyone in your household. This will help with insurance verification and to apply for state or federal disaster aid if appropriate.
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