Identify earthquake hazards in your home

Take steps to reduce these hazards.

Learn how to reduce your risks

Reduce the risk of experiencing a disaster by reducing your exposure to hazards, lessening vulnerability of people and property and improving preparedness and early warning for adverse events.

Learn about tsunamis and evacuation zones

View a map of Oregon coast tsunami evacuation zones and routes.

Preparedness for specific groups

Specific disaster preparedness actions are advised for different populations with different needs. Learn the steps you should take if you are a caregiver to children, have a chronic illness, a disability, are pregnant or are a senior.

Disasters and emergencies come in many forms, and they may require anything from a brief absence from your home to permanent evacuation.

Have emergency contacts handy

Your contacts may be stored in your cell phone, but what happens when the battery runs out? Keep emergency communication contact information in your wallet to ensure you have the information you need to locate your loved ones. Keep a family disaster plan in your emergency kit.

Sheltering in Place

If you’re told to shelter in place do you know what to do to stay safe?

Request a Multnomah County disaster resilience presentation

Volunteer for Multnomah County Emergency Management