Protect Your Family

Portland Fire & Rescue aggressively and safely protects life, property and the environment. Educating yourself and others about fire safety, injury and illness prevention and disaster preparedness helps to keep everyone safe. Portland Fire & Rescue is committed to working with the community to provide a variety of prevention and preparedness trainings and resources.

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Protect your family.

Develop a home fire safety checklist.

Find your closest fire station

This simple tool helps you locate your neighborhood station.

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Portland’s number one cause of fires and fire deaths is careless smoking and cigarette litter.

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Reduce your wildfire risk

Our wildland environment creates significant fire hazards, threatening lives and property.

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Each year, Portland Fire & Rescue responds to fires that are caused by improper disposal of ashes

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Oxygen helps home healthcare patients in need of supplemental oxygen therapy

Remember, oxygen should always be handled with caution.

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Each year over 15,000 fires start in the laundry room when lint from clothes dryers catches fire

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Carbon monoxide can kill